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It’s Not a Game of Chance to Choose the Right Course for Oil Painting

The choices are endless when choosing an face painting course. Following a few basic guidelines will help you find the perfect course.

First, what type of Oil Painting would you like to do? Although it may appear obvious at first, there are differences in landscapes, portraits, still lives, and life paintings. It gives you two possibilities. The first option is to focus on one type of art, like portraiture. The second option is to take a class that teaches you the fundamentals of all kinds of art.

While it’s true that most skills can be adapted, there are differences. You can easily see them when you examine an artist’s work.

A painting’s style is another important factor. Are you more into traditional oil painting or do you enjoy modern? Are you more illustrative or impressionist. If you don’t know, you might need to test it or go with the style that suits you.

Do some research on the person who is teaching you. Find out about their past, how they teach, and what their favorite paintings are. It may assist you in making a choice. As I researched animal portraiture, I found two artists who were very different. In just three hours one artist created amazing work, the other it took days. Both styles appeared to be very detailed. Techniques do matter. Your preferences will develop over time.

Many different types of courses are available. There are many different course types. You can select from DVD, online, tutorled, or book-based courses. They all have their own advantages and drawbacks.