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Gold IRA Rollover Investing Like a Billionaire

Imitating success and learning from it is a powerful way to improve your life. There’s no better example to look up to if financial success is what you are looking for than someone who has become a billionaire. Visit our website and learn more about gold-backed IRA.

Billionaires have a lot of knowledge

While their worldviews are very different, George Soros John Paulson Carlos Slim and others have confessed to holding some of their money in gold. Warren Buffet who is known for his “productive” investments admits that the gold market has been a boon to investors, particularly during periods of inflation.

Do you recall the dark, dark days that occurred in 2008 where retirement accounts lost $2 trillion over a period of 15 months due to a near crash on Wall Street? Imagine where you could have invested your money to increase its value during that same period.

That’s right, gold.

By 2011, if you’d bought gold in 2001, your investment would have grown by 700%. Again, 700%. A turbulent decade in the history of mankind, this was one. When the stock exchange fell, gold rose. Why? Precious metals are often sought after by investors when stock prices fall and they look to find a safer place for their money.

Is it possible to repeat this? We are currently living in the largest bubble of all time. Most experts think it’s just a matter time before the stock market bubble bursts. It’s time to update your investment plan if you want to prevent your retirement savings from being wiped out by another recession.

Why Billionaires Buy Gold

Gold is nature‚Äôs hard asset. Because gold is an intangible and finite material with a very high intrinsic worth, it has long been the storehouse of civilization. Around the world, gold is a popular form of alternate money. Gold was mentioned by the Bible four hundred seventeen times. It is not subject to devaluation and dilution like other paper assets such as bonds, mutual funds and stocks. It isn’t up to governments or financial institutions whether gold will rise in value. Like stocks, gold can never be split or merged. Gold tends to move in the opposite direction from the stock market. The gold in the portfolios of billionaires is known to be a good way to decrease volatility and risk.

When it comes to protecting and preserving your wealth, gold is the ideal choice.

What’s the best time to invest in gold?

At the time of writing, I believe many oracles on the market think gold is at the final stages of a bearish market. Some believe that gold prices are still 50% below their current value. The gold expert’s predictions of a massive rise in the price may now be coming true.

It is important to keep your gold safe and secure.

It may be the right time for you to invest in gold.

How to bring gold into your IRA

If you are a holder of a Self-Directed IRA you may direct some funds from your IRA to go into the purchase of gold. All that is required of the gold is for it to meet certain refinement and purity standards. A self directed IRA offers the most convenient way to purchase gold.

In a self-directed IRA you can invest your money in any way that suits you. You, the investor, decides how to do so instead of the trustee. The flexibility of investing your money however you choose is a great benefit. It will also allow you to know exactly where and how your money is invested.

You do not receive the gold once it is purchased. It is for the reason that delivery would constitute a payment from your IRA. You would then be liable to penalties. When you choose to purchase gold with your money, it will be held at an approved depository. The depository will notify you when the gold has arrived.