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Benefits of Metal Recycling

Metals are recyclable in The Amlon Group Longview for all forms. Recycling metals is environmentally friendly and reduces the energy consumed. Second-hand materials are less likely to deplete natural resources, such as nickel and iron ore used for stainless steel. Alumina is also used for aluminum. Metal is limited on Earth and, as we continue to deplete it of its natural resources the metals are becoming more and more rare and expensive.

Recycling metals also helps to reduce C02 emission. The energy saved by recycling metals to make new aluminum, for instance, is 95 percent. Copper that is made using recycled metals reduces energy use by 85%, and steel from recycled materials saves energy up to 70%. As an example, take a typical aluminum can and place it in a recycle bin. The energy saved by recycling this can is enough to power an average PC for three hours or more per day. After only 3 months of recycling, you can expect to see the can on store shelves as new. The recycling of one ton aluminum cans saves about 37 barrels. And we know how oil prices are increasing.

The energy required to recycle waste metal is much lower than that needed to produce new metal. It is also possible to recycle metals, so that less raw material needs to be mined. This helps save our natural resources. While most of the metal used on Earth is by industry, consumers still need to recycle unwanted cans or metals so they don’t end up in landfills.