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Self-Storage Units: The High Cost

I was recently interviewed by a radio host. He wanted to know the reason why there are so many self-storage facilities popping up all over https://www.autumnwoodstorage.com/. In a quick search, I discovered that off-site storage has grown by 81% in the past decade. Is it difficult to believe that this industry is worth 22 billion dollars? It’s not that bad. Most people are reluctant to get rid of their things; we have more than ever! We can buy new things when we move our stuff out of the home. It’s an expensive and dangerous cycle.

These facilities are great for people who have short-term needs or need seasonal storage. They can be used for short-term relocations to another city or for winter tires when living in an apartment. It’s not wise to store items just because we don’t want to get rid of them. Most people who rent storage units have a large house and are trying to declutter quickly. So they put all their stuff in the’second home,’ thinking they may need it one day. The problem is, out-of-sight is out-of mind. Besides, it is easier to replace the item rather than driving to the facility to dig through the boxes.

Renting a typical unheated storage unit is about $80/month. That’s nearly $2,000 over two years! The items we store are often worth less in the end than the money we spend to store them. Selling or giving the items away now is better than paying to keep them for ever. It would probably be cheaper to replace all those ‘just-in-case’ items when you need them. The majority of the items you store will eventually be donated or thrown away (if they are not by you then by your adult children). People keep inherited items out of guilt and obligation. Would you want to keep a thing that has become a burden? Or would your loved ones prefer to see it donated to someone who can cherish it instead? If sentimental objects are so important to you, then why are they in storage, miles from home? The rental of these storage units can be addictive. Many people rent another unit once their first one is full. This is why this business has grown so rapidly!

As you may have guessed, I don’t think that using off-site self-storage as a solution to declutter your home is a good idea. If you currently rent one to this end, I recommend that you do a major purge and sort. If you still can’t stop, make an inventory to ensure you remember what you have paid so much for. If you have been considering moving your items into a storage unit because you cannot let go of them, then I suggest you hire a professional to coach you through this process. This will save you both time and cash in the end.

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