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Non Secular Quantum Physics: The Age Of Pisces – “I Believe” Vs. The Age Of Aquarius – “I Know”

Non-secular Quantum Physics: “I Believe” Versus” “I Know”

The most amazing variations among the 2 Ages are the Age of Pisces just before and the Age of Aquarius just beginning. These two Ages can be summarized with just two words and phrases: Belief vs KNOW. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, see this page

The dominant force that overflowed the Earth Earth during the Age of Pisces from our Galactic Sun was vitality called “I Imagine.”

At this level of consciousness, humankind chose to believe the same thing everyone else said was correct. They refused to do their own research or seek out the answers.

They place all of their faith and rely upon during the experts’, the professionals’ and people who took time to search for a solution.

After they became sick, they visited doctors, drug men, healers, and quacks to get well.

They were open to all information they received about their health, and how it affected their lives. They let themselves be cut and diced on the working tables.

Totaled toxic, noxious radiations and chemical compound. To be ‘cured’, exorbitant cost.

They visited churches, synagogues and temples, and considered all that the monks. They believed what they had been told was legitimate revelations from God that were addressed to their preferred number.

They believed they would reach heaven if they followed the commands of the clergymen, priests, rabbis, or mullahs. And hell.

They believed in them and voted for them because they were smart and experienced lawyers and talkers.

They believed that by keeping spending higher and better taxes, politicians would be more successful than they were.

They believed everything the politicians had to say about their “enemies” so they went to war. Many young people died from the explanations given by politicians, politicians, and munition companies that they were trying to save democracy.

While not all of those who went to a health practitioner for a simple overcome or a priest for support and knowledge God did so, none of them truly understood what the politician was saying.

They did not check. They didn’t take the time nor effort to find answers for themselves. They were content to believe what was told them by others.

The Age of I feel is the name given to the 2000 years of history.

This is great because it’s a small part of the evolution process humanity had to go through. A 2000-12 month Galactic Cycle of “I Believe”.

However, we have now moved beyond the “I Believe” electrical power discipline of the Galaxy to the Galactic electric power field called “I Know”, or the Age of Aquarius. Spiritual Quantum Physics is the brand new paradigm for the Age of Aquarius.

Quantum Physics, non secular, offers the essentials to man’s making block. It demonstrates how he can co-create alongside the Creator God.

The doors of the Quantum Ocean, as well the Brain of God, are wide open. Everything that is intelligent, will be smart or is already there is your chance to see it. The Quantum Ocean allows one to search for answers and understand that they really are real.

The Quantum ocean allows male to search for God and find out that he is alive, moving and that the Brain of God has him currently.

The Regulations of Non secular Quantum Physics can be followed by any individual to regulate his daily living. There is no need for lawyers, generals or politicians.

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